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Valor Centre Bauhaus Airflame Convector Manual Gas Fire – Black Nickel

Valor Centre Bauhaus Airflame Convector Manual Gas Fire – Black Nickel


Valor’s revolutionary Airflame engine is still recognised as the best burner on the market. Its unique ceramic burner delivers an ambient flame effect previously only achieved by real fires, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a striking centre piece for any room.

As part of its Valor Centre collection, Valor now offers a mix and match range with a choice of frets and trims, including a range of frets exclusive to Valor Centres. The Blakely and Bloomsbury fascia options are also available for even greater flexibility.

As well as boasting distinctive aesthetics and the Airflame technology, each fire offers a heat efficiency of 59% and 3.7kW heat output and comes with a choice of manual or remote control options. ActiveHeat™ functionality ensures that any room is heated much quicker than by radiant heat alone, drawing cold air from the room and passing through the heat exchanger.

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Height :  608mm

Width :  525mm

Engine Depth : 254mm

Min Heat Output  : 1.85kW (Remote); 2.4kW (Manual)

Max Heat Output  : 3.7kW

Control Options  : Manual or Fully Remote Control

Chimney/Flue Type : Brick Chimney;  Pre-fabricated Flue†

Finish Options : Pale Gold; Black Nickel

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