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Mi Fires – Medium Tinderbox (Wood)

Mi Fires – Medium Tinderbox (Wood)


Wood burning stove, 5kW – ECODesign 2022, Smoke Control Area Exempt, 85.1% Efficient, A+ Energy Rating, 13% Dust. Designed and assembled in the UK, these stoves are the most efficient of their size in the UK, together with the lowest emissions (Dust Particles) available today.

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The Tinderbox wood burning stove – ECODesign 2022, Smoke Control Area Exempt and with A+ Energy Rating.

Designed and assembled in the UK. The body of the stove is made from high grade steel with a durable cast iron door and benefits from easy to use and highly controllable independent primary and secondary air controls.



Key features include 5mm and 8mm steel seam welded stove body construction and cast iron door. The firebox is lined with 30mm vermiculite panels. Polished black handle and air control.


The air slider allows you to easily control the combustion of your stove.


The powerful tertiary system is central to the stoves efficiency and cleanliness. Pre-heated air is drawn into the fire chamber and injected into the path of the gases produced during primary combustion; this re-ignites the gases resulting in

a significantly cleaner and more efficient fire.


All Mi-Fires stoves are equipped with an installer friendly 125mm outlet allowing you to flue the stove from the top or rear. Discreet levelling screws hidden in the legs ensure that the stove can be secure no matter how uneven the hearth surface is.



Tinderbox wood range

Additional information

Distance to combustibles

Back 250mm
Sides 400mm

Distance to non-combustibles

Back 50mm
Sides 75mm

Hearth projection

Front 400mm
Sides 150mm

Distance to furniture

Front 1075mm

Suitable for 12mm hearth?


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