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Environment Improvement Plan (EIP)

March 2023

The Government have this month released further details on the next phase of policy development published under the Environment Improvement plan (EIP). The plan’s aim is to further support the reduction of particulate emissions from solid fuel heating appliances installed in smoke control areas by reducing the maximum permissible particulate limit.

Under the current conditions of the 1993 Clean Air Act, if in a smoke control area, unauthorised fuels such as wood logs and pellets can only be burnt in an appliance that has been verified as meeting the maximum particulate limit of 5g + (0.1g per 0.3kW output) of smoke. All current appliance exempt under the act can be found on the DEFRA website at

The new proposals will introduce a reduced requirement on the maximum particulate emissions imposed under the Clean Air Act, reduced to a limit of 3g + (0.1g per 0.3kW) for those appliances intending to be installed within a smoke control area.

Alongside these new proposals, new requirements will also be placed on those fuels intended for burning outside of a typical building, providing a more consistent approach to all types of fuels available on the market, alongside incentives such as ‘Ready to Burn’ requiring biomass fuels to have a confirmed moisture content of less than 20% for sale in England. This will likely not include requirements for those fuels utilised for barbecuing, including general grade charcoal.

Although there is no immediate indication of when these proposals will be enforceable within England or the rest of the UK, there are changes already available within the stove industry meaning many stoves automatically meet the new requirements proposed by the government.

Those appliances registered on the HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme have been independently verified as exceeding the current requirements of the Clean Air Act by 50% or more. Cleaner Choice appliances have been shown to already meet the proposed new stringent particulate limits, alongside all other safety requirements within UK building regulations.

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